Team „Lumi“ – the Adult-SYS-Team of ISCA


Team members:

  1. Alisa Mayer
  2. Anna Farbowski
  3. Astrid Kölbl
  4. Catharina Landergut
  5. Jeannine Simon
  6. Johanna Nurmi-Legat
  7. Katharina Hauser
  8. Katharina Klement
  9. Katharina Pischinger
  10. Katharina Pan
  11. Kathrin W
  12. Patricia Hillinger
  13. Stephanie Wallner
  14. Suzana Porc
  15. Viktoria Strasser

Team coach: Noora Karjalainen

Team is collected from ex-synchronizedskaters as well as other ladies, who have passion to this sport and has been skating for few years as hobby already.

We practice once in a week; first 30 minutes off ice training and then 50 minutes ice practice. 

We have fun on ice together while repeating basic skating and learning new skills too. We practice also synchro elements as well as pair elements.

We have been participating in two shows of our club. Show programs: 2016-17 ”Mercy”

2017-18 ”How far I’ll go”

Season 2018-19 has started. We are planning to take part in competitions this season and we are looking for few more new skater to share this great opportunity with us. If you want to try this inspiring sport, come and join to our team! All you need is a little bit experience of skating and motivation to learn new things on ice.

Spring practices until 30.6.2018 on Saturdays in Stadthalle at 18:30 off ice training at 19:00-19:50 ice practices


More information from coach: